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About us

Konoplex Penza LLC was established in 2016.

The company is engaged in seed production and cultivation of industrial hemp and other crops while producing high-quality seed material, hemp fiber (hemp cloth), bun and other agricultural products.

The total area of agricultural land in turnover is 12,500 ha.

Konoplex Penza LLC is the leader in terms of industrial hemp crop areas in Russia: the annual sowing area exceeds 2,000 ha.

The Konoplex Penza activities are based on the principles of conscientious and environmentally responsible farming, which consists in the simultaneous achievement of high yields and maintaining the health of the land used.

In 2018, Konoplex Penza LLC entered the TOP-10 rating of innovative and active enterprises in the Penza region.

We produce

We produce

The priority area of the company’s activities is seed production and cultivation of monoecious hemp plant in order to produce high quality products, such as fibers, flax / hemp straw, bun and hemp seeds.